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Our way of doing business
Our brand of business makes no assumptions about your companies needs, wants, desires, or directions. We typically:
  • Request a meeting to explore possibilities if we sense a possible area of interest in our abilities.
  • Evaluate the challenges and determine if video is even a possible answer.
  • Balance out their needs according to the the value pyramid and line out a plan of attack.
  • Once the prospect approves the project and becomes a client, the plan is put into motion.
  • Alterations to production items are all discussed and agreed upon as needed by both parties before the committment of any change.
  • The client reviews the work and any changes are discussed when the project is completed to NovTeks satisfaction.
  • When the customer accepts the work, NovTek will duplicate and deliver the finished product.
Each copy is guaranteed at the time of delivery. In the unlikely event that faulty product is discovered, NovTek will replace it free. We will hang on to masters and original footage indefinately, but the editing scratch space and files will be removed from our system once the project is completed. Backups of these files can be made for later alteration, however an archival charge might be required.