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It is our promise to you.
Integrity means different thiings to different organizations and people. Therefore we make this pledge to you so that you can better understand what it means to us.

We pledge to:
* Deal with clients, vendors, and our competition with total honesty and integrity.
* Avoid using unfair business practices, using false claims or misleading statements with my clients.
* Not use any marketing or competitive tactics that break any state, federal or trade commission laws.
* Advance and improve my knowledge and skill of my profession as a videographer wherever possible.
* Strive at all times to produce video productions that will enhance our profession and not bring disgrace of shame on ourselves or others within the videography field.
* Produce demo tapes that reflect only what I have done for others that are/were my clients, and that we will show only actual productions that we have created. All of our production tapes will be equal or superior to our demonstration tapes.
* Never misrepresent our skills or services.
* Be on time at locations to meet clients, or notify them of any problems in meeting their schedule.
* Dress properly and conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the highest level of professionalism.
* Never produce any video with the intent of pornography.
* Never us substandard equipment or materials in our work. We will always give the customer the very best of our God given talents and abilities.