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Some popular questions and their answers.
Index of questions
* How much is a video?
* What are your terms of payment?
* Do you travel?
* Do you make video for the internet?
* Can you duplicate a video we got from someone else?
* Do you barter?
* How do you know I need a video?
* How long have you been in business?
* What references do you have?
* What type of equipment do you use?
QUESTION: How much is a video?
ANSWER: Asking us how much a video costs is similar to asking how much a car costs. It depends on whether you are talking about a Ugo or a Lexis. Do you want a truck, car, van, convertable, 2 door, 4 door, 4 wheel drive S.U.V., sports car, etc... The permutations are seemingly endless. I can tell you that we don't sell any used cars, or Ugo's. However, that still leaves a large area to play around.

When we turn out a video, it is a unique and taylored tool custom fit for your need. Before a price can be assessed, many factors need to be explored and considered. When a client is serious about a video to fit a need, we have a consultation which them to get answers to questions which will enable us to present a quote and give a presentation to explain where the money is to be used. Its not a negotiation process as much as it is a determination of what we need to get what you need.
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QUESTION: What are your terms of payment?
ANSWER: We generally require 33% of the agreed upon price by the time shooting starts. We also require another 33% of the adjusted total price by the time editing starts. The remainder of the balance is due at the time the video is complete. Any further shooting and editing are extra and handled in a like manner. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover so the cost can be financed through a company or personal credit card. There is no fee for the initial consultation to determin your need and the appropriate video to suite it.
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QUESTION: Do you travel?
ANSWER: We charge a nominal fee for location setups and we charge for mileage outside Tulsa county. If air travel is required, that cost is also extra. Our business has taken us as far east as Norfolk, VA and as far west as Los Angeles, CA. We have had to go as far south as San Antonio, TX and as far north as Miniapolis, MN. Bottom line is yes, we travel.
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QUESTION: Do you make video for the internet?
ANSWER: Yes. We can encode video into many different digital formats which work for internet applications. We do not provide you with the web space or web development, but we can provide you with the on-line content. The method of delivery is up to you. The production of an internet compatible video is just like the production of any other video. The difference is that your final video will be on CD-ROM and not video tape, unless you want both.
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QUESTION: Can you duplicate a video we got from someone else?
ANSWER: Our duplication facilities are primarily for our clients. If we made the video, we will duplicate it at a compeditive rate. If a third party has made the video, we require a release from the copyright holder before we can copy it. We also require a release from the copyright holder for third party material that you may wish to use in a video. Someone else has invested work and effort to create something that they expect a return on, and circumventing them is not only impolite, it's illeagle.
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QUESTION: Do you barter?
ANSWER: In the past, we have been known to trade services with other businesses on a value of service basis. However, until we are able to pay our utilities, expences, and other bills with our services directly, our services will need to continue to be converted into a monitary basis. We are all for barter as a concept, but unless we suggest the possibility of a barter arrangement, it probably does not fit in to our business plan.
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QUESTION: How do you know I need a video?
ANSWER: We don't. Thats just it. Video ca be used in a variety of ways to perform a variety of tasks to a variety of businesses. Although the possibilities are endless, that doesn't mean they are all right. Video is a power ful tool, but it is not for every business. We like to research the business motives and the target project before we recommend video as a solution. If it does not fit the need, we will tell you up front and part friends. Our business is one that helps other businesses, not one that takes advantage of them. Taking advantage of a companies lack of experience is not only rude and damaging to the other company, but it is also non-professional and against our business friendly policy.
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QUESTION: How long have you been in business?
ANSWER: The company was originally founded in 1989. However, its direction as a video production facility was not decided upon until 1992. Since then it has grown and expanded to what it is today, a leader in the field of video production.
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QUESTION: What references do you have?
ANSWER: Becides those of all our pleased customers, we also have references from our compeditors and pier companies. We are members of local, national, and international organizations which seek to uphold the integrity of the profession and provide assistance in the event of a need beyond our capabilities. All of these are available for viewing by appointment to those who wish to research our services.
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QUESTION: What type of equipment do you use?
ANSWER: We have the capability to handle both analog and digital technologies as well as linear and non-linear editing. Each type of format and method have pro's and con's that suite them for different types of applications. The need for each is determined with the client at the time of consultation. We have a full set of field equipment to address almost any kind of situation in a proper manner.
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