See if you may have a need for video.
Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Do all your sales reps present your company exactly the same way each time they go to see a potential client?
  2. Are you able to reach market penetration in all potential sales areas regardless of the fresentation difficulties?
  3. Are you able to take all your products or demonstrate all your services perfectly for each potential client effectively and consistently over and over?
  4. Would your employees understand and retain more from watching a video presentation than reading a pamphlet or book?
  5. Does every employee get exactly the same training every class regardless of teacher, class size, or location?
  6. Is your sales staff able to give a detailed sales presentation about your company's business to over 500 potential customers a day?
  7. If you show at trade shows, do you have a flashy, attention-getting dynamic way of showing what your business does in an interesting way to everyone?
  8. If you show at trade shows, do you have a high-tech way of giving your booth visitors something to take back to their companies and show their boss in a way that you can control?
  9. Does your business currently use a current quality personalized video presentation to help you do business?
  10. Are you sure you have the edge over your competition that video can provide?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, you may vish to contact us and see if a video solution could work for your business.